Climate Anxiety?

Many of us have suffered from climate anxiety or feel helpless when it comes to climate change. Connecting with like-minded groups and making small lifestyle changes can help. Remember, if we all make small changes we can make a big difference.
Here are a few easy ways to make a difference:
1. Vote with your wallet
Your choice of bank or superannuation fund can help the environment. Is your bank a top financier of fossil fuel projects? If it is, you can choose to move your money to another financial institution.
2. Use a keep cup
Do you get a take-away coffee each morning? If you do, that's 365 cups in a year. The ABC's War on Waste highlighted that Australian's throw away an estimated 2.7 million disposable cups every single day. Know that you are making a difference by swapping your morning take away to a keep cup.
3. Reuse and Refill
We already purchase many items at our local store than can be reused and refilled. Laundry detergent, hand soap, sauces and condiments. All of these can be refilled or repurposed instead of being used once and popped into the recycling.


4. Eat less meat

Reducing your meat intake can make a big difference. According to the Climate Council 70% of global agricultural emissions come directly from livestock farming and they also account for 37% of total worldwide methane emissions.

Can't go completely meat-free? That's ok - try to cut down and have meat free days and meals.


5. Compost 

Australia wastes a lot of food. When food rots in landfill instead of being composted, it produces methane, a greenhouse gas that is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide. 

To cut down on food waste, try shopping with a grocery list, purchase less, eat your leftovers and compost your scraps.


7. Bring your own bag

As South Australians, we've done an amazing job at creating the habit of taking our own bags to the grocery store. Try to extend this habit and take your own bag when you are shopping for clothes too. Always have one in your bag or car. 


8. Be kind to yourself

There will be times when you forget your keep cup or buy something in a packet and that's ok. Remember that we can't be perfect all the time and if more of us try to live waste-free imperfectly we can change the world.

Catryn Zappia

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