Plastic Free July 2021

Plastic Free July 2021

Let's go plastic free together!

Take the challenge and join millions of people coming together to help solve the global plastic pollution problem. Click here to be part of Plastic Free July and choose to refuse single-use plastics.

We will be taking part in the challenge at home for the entire month of July, and I already know that some items are going to be tricky. For our household, these include crackers, noodles and tofu. I believe that this challenge will help us explore alternatives or find different ways of purchasing these items.

We will update the Bare Pantry community with our tips, progress and struggles throughout the month.

Handy tips for a Plastic Free July

  • When you leave the house make sure you have your reusable items with you; keep cup, grocery bag, cutlery and drink bottle
  • Choose to buy locally from markets and bulk food stores
  • Change your bathroom products to eco-friendly alternatives; bamboo toothbrushes, compostable tubes of deodorant, compostable dental floss, reusable shaving razors, shampoo and soap bars
  • Consume less takeaway and pre-packaged meals, cook at home more
  • Purchase 'naked' fruit and veg and refuse to buy items wrapped in gladwrap.
  • Look in your bin and see what is in there, what can you change?

Good Luck!!