Tips for a Sustainable Easter

Tips for a Sustainable Easter

Easter is around the corner, so we’ve put together some tips to celebrate sustainably.

Get Crafty

Instead of buying new Easter baskets and decorations, use what you already have and make your own! Children love to get crafty and we should learn from them. Make your own Easter basket with old buckets, yoghurt or ice-cream tubs or even shoeboxes.

Easter Eggs

Choose GOOD eggs this Easter, go for:

  • Fairtrade Chocolate.
  • Palm Oil Free or Certified Sustainable Palm Oil
  • Avoid excessive packaging. Easter egg foil is generally recyclable, however the display boxes may not be.
  • Visit your local bulk foods store and buy some naked eggs!

If you purchase / receive eggs wrapped in foil, remember to recycle the foil correctly. Did you know that aluminium foil is 100% recyclable? Collect small pieces of foil into a ball roughly the size of a ping pong ball and pop it into your recycling bin. If you don’t have enough foil to make a ball this size, place the smaller pieces inside an aluminium can for recycling. Don’t put smaller pieces individually in the recycling as they can be incorrectly sorted as paper.

Alternative Basket Fillers

Check out your local op-shop for pre-loved books or toys, make your own playdough or add some seeds to plant in the garden.