I have the same type of jars at home, can I swap them for full ones?

Yes! You can bring them in-store for us to wash, refill and reuse in the shop, and when you do you can buy something at our ‘refill’ price.

Let’s all try and use these jars as much as possible before popping them into the recycling bin.
Bare Pantry uses 2L, 1L, 500ml and 250ml food jars.
*Jars and lids must be clean and in good condition - no strong odours or stains.
Do I need to "refill" my jar with the same product or can I choose something else?
You can choose different products at the refill price, not just the same one. We mainly want to encourage people to bring back the jars so that they can be used as much as possible before they need to be recycled.
Can I use my own jars with the delivery service?
Yes you can! When you order online, simply choose the "refill" options. Then leave out your assorted jars and containers on the day of your chosen delivery and we will fill them onsite. Please state that you will be leaving out your own containers in the delivery notes.

Can I bring my own jars into the store?

Yes you can! Bring them in-store and go over what you would like in each. Then  allow 10 - 15 minutes for us to fill them for you. You can also pre-order online for in-store pick up and remember to choose the "refill" option. Please highlight that you will be bringing in your own jars in the order notes.