Living sustainably takes time and we've all spent hours searching for waste-free products.

Bare Pantry has done the hard work for you. We've sourced the best bulk foods from SA, wider Australia and abroad, as well as beauty and home care products that are fully nude.

All it takes is a few quick clicks on our online store. Soon your green goods will be on their way to your home in our reusable and returnable jars and bottles, delivered by our 100% ELECTRIC van.

When you are putting through your next order, simply choose whether you are 'refilling' your jar or bottle, or purchasing the product for the first time. When you choose to refill a product you are rewarded with a discount in price.

On your delivery date, please rinse your used jars and bottles and leave them outside so that our team can easily collect them. Returned jars and bottles are taken back to our headquarters to be cleaned and refilled!

If you would prefer to pop in to our store and purchase in person, please do. We always love to see your friendly faces and have a chat.

Remember our 6 easy steps to shopping nude

  1. Click on our online store (or visit us in person)
  2. Choose to purchase a product for the first time or to refill. You can swap an empty jar for any new one. A product does not need to be like for like. 
  3. Wait for your green goods to be delivered to your home by our electric van
  4. Remember to rinse any bottles and jars that you are returning and leave outside on your delivery day. Our labels can be left on.
  5. Receive your green goods and enjoy being part of the Bare Pantry Community
  6. Repeat