Milk Chocolate Buttons


A compound chocolate.

Melting instructions: 

Indirect: place buttons in a dry pan over warm water and stir constantly until 45C is reached. Do not heat to over 50C. Avoid contact with steam or water drips.

Microwave: melt in short bursts and stir in between. Heat until 45C is reached. Do not heat to over 50C.

Ingredients: sugar, vegetable fat, milk solids, cocoa powder, emulsifiers (soy lecithin, 476, 492), flavour.

Storage: keep away from heat and moisture. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Allergen advice: contains milk and soy. May contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.

Bare Pantry takes great care to separate and pack all of our products, however we handle many foods containing allergens. Food sold on our website and in store may have been packed in a store or facility that contains allergens or traces of allergens, including, but not limited to nuts, soy, dairy and gluten.

Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients.