Organic Kelp Flakes


Kelp is taken from brown algae in salt water. It is a natural source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E and minerals zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper and calcium.

Kelp flakes can be used as a healthy salt substitute. Add to your cooking and sprinkle on your salads!

Ingredients: organic* Atlantic kelp flakes

Storage: in a cool, dark and dry place in an airtight container.

Allergens: Bare Pantry takes great care to separate and pack all of our products, however we handle many foods containing allergens. Food sold on our website and in store may have been packed in a store or facility that contains allergens or traces of allergens, including, but not limited to nuts, soy, dairy and gluten.

Product of Canada

*Bare Pantry sources organic goods from suppliers with organic certification. Bare Pantry does not have organic certification and cannot transfer the suppliers certificate ID onto our labels.