Safety Razor


Never buy a disposable shaving blade again!

How to use a safety razor: hold the razor head firmly in one hand and turn the handle anticlockwise with the other. The head will lift off the handle and come apart into two plates. The razor blade is held between these two parts. Carefully replace the blade, line up the top and bottom plate and screw clockwise on the handle to reassemble.

Caring for you new safety razor:

  • Don’t leave it in the shower or bathtub: If you’re using your razor in the shower, don’t forget to take it out with you each time after it’s been used. Leaving it in there exposed to all of the steam, moisture and soaps may cause it to eventually tarnish.
  • Dry it after each use: Another simple, but important razor maintenance tip is to dry it after each use – both the body and the blade. This will also help extend the life of the blade.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Blades are extremely sharp. Discard used blades in a safe manner.